Realtor Services you can expect from Maria Solis Realtor®

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With so many realtors to choose from, how can you find the right one for you? How can you be sure of the integrity, knowledge, comprehensiveness, and reliability of the agent you select to help you buy or sell a property? And what should you expect from a realtor?

One might think that in today’s market, especially here in Austin, Texas, that buying and selling homes is easy and quite lucrative for the agent. However, few realize the enormous efforts, knowledge, and expertise involved in the process from start to finish when it comes to buying and selling property.

Maria uses a Customer/Client-centric approach. She loves people and has a natural grace and ease when it comes to considering your needs and to provide a positive customer experience Before and After real estate transactions. She is committed to focusing on your specific wants and needs and values your perspectives.

Below is a list of services Maria can provide for each client whether you are buying or selling. Note that this list is not exhaustive. There are so many more details involved. You can see a detailed list HERE.

Services for Buyers

  1. Help in locating good sources of mortgage loans, in negotiating the terms of those loans, and working effectively with the lender.
  2. Mapping of active, under contract, and sold properties meeting your search criteria, to help you get a comprehensive understanding of the market niche that your criteria define (e.g., so that you are aware of all the neighborhoods where you could buy a home, how quickly homes in those neighborhoods sell, and for what differential off asking price).
  3. Assist you in determining if a house you like is a good investment based on resales or your financial status.
  4. Help you comprehend the standard offer form and the consumer protection form which provides you with substantial protections not provided in the standard contract.
  5. Help you analyze price and value and work through a negotiating strategy.
  6. Recommend inspectors/testers and types of inspections and tests.
  7. Assist in interpreting inspection results and negotiating inspection issues...and making the decision as to whether this house is worth fighting through these issues for.
  8. Assist in reading documents like HOA finances and title commitments, making sure you get all the right documents, and pushing for additional information and documents when info and experience demand it.
  9. Assist in coordinating communications between you and your insurance company, the lender, the Title Company, and the seller so that everything is properly prepared for closing.
  10. Attend the closing with you and help you through the process and understanding the closing documents.
  11. Assist with moving arrangements if you need help.
  12. Follow up with you after your closing for any additional questions or concerns you might have.

Services for Sellers

  1. Perform Pre-listing activities. This includes:
    1. Meetings with you at your home
    2. Researching all public records, taxes, titles, deeds, legal ownership, zoning restrictions, schools, utilities, and public services
    3. Researching all MLS data in the past 18 months with respect to sales in your neighborhood and comparable properties
    4. Signing a Listing Agreement Contract with you for permission to list your home
    5. Discuss her role as an Agent for you and how your home will be listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
  2. Compile a detailed list of all repairs needed and performed.
  3. Explain the benefits of a Homeowners Warranty Certificate and assist you in completing and submitting the application.
  4. Work with you and, if you are willing, hiring a Professional Stager to stage and present your home in the best light possible.
  5. Hire a professional photographer to get photos and videos (if desired) of the house and property along with detailed descriptions to showcase your home’s most prominent features.
  6. Enter the property in the MLS database and verify accuracy.
  7. Provide details about where your home is listed including all media exposure.
  8. Schedule and conduct an Open House on your behalf.
  9. Provide periodic reports showing client interest in your home detailing counts of inquiries, showings, and feedback.
  10. Contact all agents that have showed the home for feedback.
  11. Frequently monitor the listing price for optimal competitiveness in today’s market.
  12. Provide and keep fully stocked flyers with pictures and descriptions of your property outside and during the showings.
  13. Receive, review, and notify you immediately of all offers and counsel you on the merit of each.
  14. Contact the buyer’s agent and review all qualifications.
  15. Negotiate the offer on your behalf.
  16. Assist you with moving arrangements.
  17. Assemble all requisite paperwork, ensure all signatures have been acquired, and coordinate the closing with the buyer’s agent and lending source if applicable.
  18. Attend the closing with you.
  19. Follow up with you AFTER the closing to answer any further questions or post-closing concerns that may arise.