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Whether you are looking to buy your first home or if this ain't yer first rodeo, there is a chronological process of steps that if followed, will lend itself to creating an efficient and predictable experience. Maria will be there with you every step of the way sharing her expertise, listening intently to your concerns, making suggestions, and providing prompt communication and documentation. Search for a home now.

10 Steps to Buying a Home
  • Step 1--The Decision to Buy: This is the first step. It can be scary and exciting at the same time. Let Maria navigate you through the process. Let's go!

  • Step 2--Finding a broker: Maria Solis Realtor® works with Abide Residential, a Texas real estate and brokerage firm located in Austin, TX.
    Abide Residential

  • Step 3--The mortgage process: Working with a lender is the next step. This normally includes a credit check, verification of monthly income, personal assests, debt-to-income ratio, and to finally how much you can comfortably borrow. These items will result in your "Pre-Qualifying" letter for potential sellers. Calculate mortgage payments Here.
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  • Step 4--Finding the perfect home: Existing home or new construction? In Austin, you have many possibilities. Many buyers decide on the area of town they wish to live and if a home for sale is in the perfect location but not the perfect home, they have options to remodel or completely start over. Maria will assist you in considering all of your options and begin a search to meet the criteria you specify. She will spend time with you to see each property you have an interest in and research any questions you may have.

  • Step 5--Making an Offer and Negotiating the BEST Price: Maria will help identify the right offer for the home of your dreams and negotiate on your behalf keeping you in the loop at all times. She will also have arranged a Title Company to handle escrow and the closing when the time comes.

  • Step 6--Inspections: After an offer is accepted, Maria will recommend some of the most qualified and experienced inspectors for you to choose from to make sure the investment you are making is a safe and wise one.
    At the end of the inspection, there may be additional work that needs to be done. If this is the case, Maria will enter back into negotiation where amendments or cancellations can happen.

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  • Step 7--Homeowner Insurance: This is the time you will engage your insurance company to reach out to your lender on policy details. Payment for the first year premium will happen at closing at the Title Company.

  • Step 8--Appraisal and Survey of the Home: If you are getting a loan to help with the purchase, your lender will send an appraiser to assess the worth of the house and determine the quality of the house and if there may be any lender required repairs, especially in the case of foundation issues. Your lender will require a survey of the boundaries of the property and the dimensions of the structures on the property. Typically, the Title Company will order the survey.

  • Step 9--Final Loan Approval: You know this is the home of your dreams! And if you are a cash buyer, move on to Step 11. Otherwise, although your lender has been working to finalize the paperwork on your loan, there may be additional items required. For example, a new debt that may have occurred during the process may impact the final approval of the loan. Once everything is approved, all items will be submitted to the Title Company where your closing will take place.

  • Step 10--Closing: Buyers and sellers agree to a closing date when a contract is signed. Title companies are in direct contact with the lenders in coordinating the closing. Maria will be in the loop with you, the title company and the lender to coordinate any missing or updated documents for closing. She will stay on top of anything that may cause delays so she can assist or negotiate through these issues. Once all parties have signed, your lender will be notified. The home of your dreams is now yours!
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